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(Recorded between November 1992-February 1993. Released March 1994.)

Written, arranged, and produced by Steve Hahn, DeeP Chocolate Productions

Production engineering by Allan Stuart, ASH Productions, Boulder, CO and Steve Hahn

Recorded at Pearl Sound Studios and DeeP Chocolate Productions, Boulder, CO

Digital editing and remastering by Park Peters, Audio Park, Denver, CO

Model photography (front cover) by Dave Rush

Artistic rendering (front cover) by Mickey Kolodgy, Black Coffee Studios, Estes Park, CO

Trumpet PedalStandô photography (back cover) by Cheryl Carnahan

Graphic design and artwork by Steve Hahn

CD duplication and manufacturing in USA, facilitated by Just Like the Master, Broomfield, CO

Performed by: Steve Hahn - The Stick® , Trumpet, and Voice
Ernie Crews - Drums and Percussion

"Funk Potpourri" is a piece in five movements: A. Spacy; B. 15/8; C. Dieter and Johnny; D. Step-Phaser Funk; E. 15/8 Recap Dieter Flechtenmacher and Johnny Fleury are friends and Stick players with very energetic styles of play. Through our sharing of musical ideas at seminars, I have combined and reflected their styles in section C of the "Funk Potpourri." Thanks, guys.

Steve Hahn would like to thank the following people:

Special thanks to my loving and patient partner, Cheryl Carnahan, for her enthusiastic support throughout my career shifting, instrument shifting, and general life shifting.

Thanks to Ernie Crews for being involved in this project. From the first day of rehearsal to the final take in the studio, you had the patience to stay with it until everything sounded as good as possible.

Thanks to Allan Stuart and Marty Peters for their support in the studio. Allan was simply brilliant as co-producer. When I became fatigued and could no longer tell the difference between good and bad at any time during performance or mixdown, Allan was there to help make a judgment.

Thanks to Emmett Chapman, the "father" of The Stick, and his wonderful wife, Yuta. The Stick and Stick figures are registered trademarks of Stick Enterprises, Inc., and are used with permission.

Thanks to Ralph and Doris, Olga, and Carnie and Eldora for the financial help that was necessary to get this project through manufacturing; Eric Reiner (Mr. Eric), at KBOL 1490 AM radio in Boulder, for being the first broadcaster to air Stickburst; the Neodata Endowment, administered by the Arts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder, for a grant to help fund one of my future projects, Native American Music Meets The Chapman Stick; and all of the musicians I've had the privilege to play and study with throughout my career. Thanks especially to Alphonso Johnson and Frank Jolliffe for their encouragement and support throughout the progression of this project. You've all had a profound effect on my development musically and personally.

Stickburst was recorded live whenever possible. This was done to maintain the integrity of live performance and then to allow us to use the studio to enhance the performances when it made sense. The only overdubs on the album are a few Stick solos in "Big Heavy Critter" and "What is Hip." In live performance The Stick and trumpet are played simultaneously, and these solos can be played on either instrument. I chose to feature The Stick for the album.
[Correction to Stickburst booklet: There is, in fact, one other overdub--I didn't sing and play the trumpet at the same time. It can be done and creates very interesting harmonic overtones--S.H.]

The Program:

1. "Stickburst," S. Hahn, DeeP Chocolate Productions
2. "Norwegian Wood/Vampire," P. McCartney, J. Lennon, Northern Songs Adm. Music Corp. of America/ M. Smith, Bird Avenue Publishing Co., arr. S. Hahn
3. "Harmonic Poem," S. Hahn, DeeP Chocolate Productions
4. "Birdland," J. Zawinul, Mulatto Music c/o MizMo Enterprises, arr. S. Hahn
5. "In a Silent Way," J. Zawinul, Zawinul Music, arr. S. Hahn
6a. "Big Heavy Critter" b. "Incidental Improv" c. "Water Babies," S. Hahn, DeeP Chocolate Productions
7. "What is Hip?" S. Kupka, E. Castillo, D. Garibaldi, Arikat Music c/o Bob-A-Lew Songs, arr. S. Hahn
8. "Summertime," G. Gershwin, Chappel and Co., Inc., arr. S. Hahn
9. "Raconteur Troubadour/Acquiring the Taste," K. Minnear, D. Shulman, R. Shulman, P. Shulman, Chrysalis Songs/ K. Minnear, Songs of Polygram International, Inc., arr. S. Hahn
10. "Spooky Boogie," K. Minnear, D. Shulman, R. Shulman, Chrysalis Songs, arr. S. Hahn
11. "65 Years in the Business," S. Hahn, DeeP Chocolate Productions
12. "Funk Potpourri," S. Hahn, DeeP Chocolate Productions