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Critical Comments about Steve Hahn:

sh review
“[Gentle Giant tribute] Giant Tracks contributor Steve Hahn is quite the multi-instrumentalist: a proficient guitarist, bassist, trumpeter, and now Chapman Stick® performer. . . . For those wondering if any comparisons to Tony Levin or Greg Howard can be drawn, Hahn has pretty much made the Stick his own. . . . Some of the most uniquely ‘Stick’ tones ever heard emerge here.”
- Elias Granillo,
Sea of Tranquility, March 23, 2003

Stickburst review
“Hahn is a monster player who is easily in the same league as Tony Levin, Trey Gunn, John Edwards, and Sean Malone.”
- Pete Pardo -
Sea of Tranquility, February 17, 2003

Your interpretation of ‘Cogs/Aspirations’ [on Giant Tracks] is one of the most intensely beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. I wanted to run out and buy a Chapman Stick® and learn how to play it. Thank you for making such beautiful music.”
- Richard Sheehy, Atlanta, Georgia, June 10, 1997

Stickburst review - Translated literally from Spanish
“Excellent instrumental Jazz. . . . If it is desired to know of which stick is able [of what the Stick is capable], then listen to this disc: Hahn obtains practically all the range of sounds that can be obtained from this versatile instrument.”
- Ciro Vela'zquez - eufOnia, April 13, 2001

Landmark Chapman Stick® work fills this release [sh]! Interesting, imaginative, introspective, engaging, and expertly crafted compositions. . . . Recommended.”
- John W. Patterson - Progression #30, Winter/Spring 1999

This album [sh] has a live improvised flow, one idea seeming to spawn the next. What stands out is Steve's adventurous sense of harmonic movement and his youthful rhythm games and constructs, odd accents in odd meters between Stick and drums. . . . This album is fun to listen to, never boring, not self-consciously ‘serious.’ . . . It is my distinct pleasure to review sh.”
- Emmett [Chapman] - Sticknews digest issue #020, October 1998

This is the first new CD [sh] from Steve Hahn of original music in a number of years, and I have to say that it is definitely worth the wait and it covers lots of new ground. . . . As always, Steve's technique is astonishing and unique. Like other Stick players who are technically at that stratospheric level, he has techniques that are all his own, a unique personal sound. . . . Highly recommended.”
- Ray Ashley, Hopewell, NJ – Stickwire, July 1998

Your interpretations of Joseph Zawinul’s compositions [on Stickburst] especially moved me. You are doing just as much as Stanley Jordon and are adding the simultaneous trumpet. I have only immense respect for your musicianship. . . It is so rare to find a musician of your caliber who remains dedicated.”
- Dave Brown, Glassboro, New Jersey, October 9, 1997

There is only a handful of true masters of the instrument [Chapman Stick®]. One is local musician Steve Hahn, who recently released an impressive display of The Stick's harmonic and self-accompanying capabilities called Stickburst.”
- David Kirby, Colorado Daily, May 20–21, 1994

[Steve Hahn] is an innovative and well-directed musical artist on this instrument. . . . He has exceptional talent as well as innovative directions to his music.”
- Emmett Chapman, inventor of The Chapman Stick®

“ ‘Harmonic Poem’ [one of the compositions on Stickburst] [is] an absolutely gorgeous piece. The entire piece is played with harmonics, giving it a beautiful ringing timbre. . . . Great composition.” . . . About the Gentle Giant medley on Stickburst: “Steve displays amazing technique on this cover, using intricate two-part playing covering all ten strings with clean, fast bass lines followed by lush chords, then a beautiful double melody on the treble strings.”
Frank Jolliffe, Touch Style Quarterly, July 1993

"“This album takes The Stick to a new level, rhythmically.”
- Stick player Ray Ashley reviewing Stickburst on the Internet

Steve Hahn’s Stickburst [is] a literal Stick-fest that showcases just how much can be accomplished with two hands on ten strings. Rather than using the album as a blatant attempt at showing off, Steve chooses to exploit his abilities in a very musical fashion. . . . Stickburst is highly recommended.”
- Alan Benjamin, Time and a Word, Fall 1995

Stickburst is an extremely tight and interesting jazz album, both harmonically and rhythmically . . . and executed skillfully (he flawlessly plays Stick and trumpet at the same time).”
- Theresa Younger, Boulder Weekly, December 22, 1994

Steve Hahn’s . . . Stick is a compositional tool, and he elicits from it some remarkable textures, natural string timbres, as well as some daring jazz chord progressions and harmonic discoveries.”
- Emmett Chapman, the inventor of The Chapman Stick®, Keepin’ Touch, November 1994

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